MIN HI? (Who is She?)

MIN HI? (who is she?) is a solo theatrical performance featuring actress Lee-N Abela, portraying different historical and mythological female characters. Each of the six scenes is curated to a degree of an art installation, capturing dismal narratives within visually stunning aesthetics. MIN HI? has been described as “a visceral, no-holds-barred, unapologetically primeval performance … that simultaneously repels and attracts … as in a beautiful nightmare”.


ActressLee-N Abela
Producer: Teatru Malta
Director and composer Ruben Zahra
Script: Trevor Żahra
Light design: Moritz Zavan
Prop artist: Jennings Falzon

a veritable tour de force performance” - THE TIMES OF MALTA
gorgeous and grotesque” - THE MALTA INDEPENDENT
simultaneously repels and attracts … as in a beautiful nightmare” - ENCORE ARTS & CULTURE MAGAZINE

In the Press

Visceral and unapologetically primeval – a tour de force for Teatru Malta …
… With this role Lee-N has catapulted herself from an extremely good actress to something extraordinary.