Beethoven Forever combines a full orchestra, digital animation and theatre for an entertaining journey through all of Beethoven’s 9 symphonies. Light reveals the orchestra through the scrim (gauze screen) and fades out to portray the animations interacting with the music as well as with the actor. Furthermore 3 PTZ cameras are programmed to display sections of the orchestra during the live performance. This family-friendly production has been curated to present a series of symphonic excerpts, accompanied by animations depicting a narrative for each sequence: from the 4-note theme of the 5th to the bird calls and thunder strikes of the 6th; from the innovative horn trio of the 3rd to the intriguing timpani part of the 4th; from the metronome parody of the 8th to the grand choral of the 9th.

There can be few people who have not heard Beethoven’s name, the famous first four notes of his fifth symphony, or the first strains of his “Ode to Joy” ” - Professor Robert Greenberg
... widely recognized as one of the greatest of all symphonists - the composer who ripped apart the regimented formulas of classical symphonic style. His nine symphonies are the cornerstone of orchestral literature.” - Professor Robert Greenberg